Website – Huge Thank You!

So now that we have our brand new website we will be filling it with all things wonderful and wedding related (with the odd unrelated wedding post added for fun!). We just wanted to say a huge thank you to the wonderfully creative Leah Spicer from Leah Spicer Creative for pulling all of my ideas together to create the beautiful website that we can now call our own! I can whole heartedly say that from the word go Leah understood the look i wanted to go for and from that point i knew she would be the lady for the job! I love meeting mutual creatives in our line of work as they inspire me hugely. I can say that Leah is now a good friend and i am so very pleased that i asked her to develop our new website, my vision that has been in my mind (locked away for quite some time!) has now been realised and its such a brilliant feeling to look at the website and know that it reflects us perfectly! If you haven’t already seen Leah in action then you must check her work out at either Golden Apple or Leah Spicer Creative there’s something for everyone!

Let us know what you think! We would love your feedback.

Eve Lily xx

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