Eve Lily Show

The Eve Lily Wedding Show.

We really hope you can make it to our show this week, we have so many wonderful suppliers that it really is a must if you are getting married. We are so very lucky to be able to showcase some of Leicestershire’s and the East Midlands best wedding suppliers. It’s not easy finding the perfect supplier for your wedding, we know that, however, we really do have some of the best creative, professional suppliers available so do come and meet them and see for yourself.

If you love a catwalk then you will love this one we have planned for you, there will be stunning gowns aswell as tailored suits for all you dapper grooms, we are also excited to be showing off some stunning bridesmaid dresses. It’s going to be fabulous x

At our last show we as always like to have a little fun so we have included some pictures of our fantastic models aswell as some suppliers too.

If you would like to register for the show then please email me at nicolamason@evelily.co.uk.

A5 City Rooms 1

Here are some fun pics from the last show of our wonderful models aswell as some suppliers having a little fun ūüôā


Photography by Nigel Ord Smith Photography


Photography by Nigel Ord Smith Photography



Photography by Nigel Ord Smith Photography


Photography by Nigel Ord Smith Photography

Click on the link below to see the photobooth fun we have had with some of our fabourite suppliers at our last show provided by the fabulous Nigel Ord Smith Photography¬†and we hope you can make it this week, it’s going to be a great show ‚̧

Friday Friends :) Positively Premier!

Back to Friday’s¬†Friend’s after a family wedding, my sister’s to be precise, and what a lovely day it turned out to be!

This company really has gone from strength to strength with their wedding business, having recently added so many more lines that fit in with todays modern wedding, they are able to help so many clients achieve a great atmosphere.

I¬†can¬†recommend them highly and have at times used many of their products for events we have held. This week’s friends are Premier Weddings & Events and they certainly are premier….


Ben started Premier Weddings & Events and pretty much was the first person in the industry that I had the pleasure to speak with. To say he was on hand for good advice and support really is an understatement, he really is one of those people who is happy to help.

Meeting like-minded¬†business owners in this industry really is what it’s all about, I like to be able to recommend good people and good businesses, and these guys really are at the top of the list. Friendly and enthusiastic about what they do, with¬†a quality team it’s exciting to see them grow.

For our third year in business we had a lovely party to which Ben provided us with a dance floor and our logo in lights. As you can see by the picture below, it looked very smart. After a little issue with the dress code (bad reading of the invite he told me, I just think he was rebelling! he he) he still managed to help us celebrate the night away.


Photography by Steve Walton Photography

Well the great thing about premier is what they specialise in, whether you need a DJ, a dance floor, decorative lighting or backdrops they can help with many funky items to set a great scene for your wedding. Recently added to their stock has been an item that seems to be sought after in bucket loads, led furniture. At our recent Eve Lily Wedding Show at Shearsby Bath they produced led spheres that were positioned outside, these completely wowed our guests with how lovely they looked. Check out their web page to see what they can offer you. http://premier-event-services.co.uk/


 Photography provided by Premier Weddings & Events

Here’s Ben¬†to give you¬†his thoughts about the¬†wedding world and in his own words, take it away Ben¬†ūüôā

Ten words that best describe you and your business? Fun, Colourful, Friendly, Helpful, Premier, Always say yes & WOW Factor.

Tell us what you most enjoy about working in the world of Premier Events? I love the fact that we can take a clients ideas and turn it in to reality, be that by using lighting, AV equipment, drape, furniture or any of the other cool things that we provide. It’s great to¬†walk into an empty venue in the morning and by 3pm it’s completely transformed.

If you could plan a wedding anyway you would like, what would you do for the following?

– Type of venue. A large country house, somewhere like Stapleford Park with its large gardens and amazing food.

РColour scheme and theme or style. It would have to be something classic and traditional in the day and then completely modern in the evening, almost turning the venue into a nightclub for the evening reception.

– Styling for bride and groom. Not something I have really thought about much, probably something quite contemporary however.

– Entertainment. As a company that started out as a DJ company, it would have to be our 4 wedding Djs¬†playing on rotation throughout the evening with me doing a guest slot. I would also need to get my friend Ryan O’Mahony a local singer who also plays the guitar to sing some songs in the room turnaround, he does some amazing mash-ups.

– Special touches. I would try to do an amazing speech so would definitely need some AV support such as radio mics, plasmas and music!

What do you think is the most important thing to consider and get right when planning a wedding? For me it’s definitely the entertainment, your guests have got to be entertained for at least 5 hours at night and if you choose the wrong DJ or band then the evening will suffer. Choosing a cheap DJ may save you some money but could end up spoiling the evening with nobody dancing and subsequently leaving early.

Do you have any advice that you can pass on to future bride and grooms about to get married? Book early, we find that the good suppliers are always in high demand and popular items do sell out in advance.

What has been the most memorable client request you have worked on since you started Premier Events and why? We were asked by another events company to provide a starlit dance floor for the World Economic Forum which takes place once a year in Davos, Switzerland. This event attracts pretty much all of the world leaders and our dance floor was used for an event which Google were hosting. They flew Jon (our General Manager) out there to lay the dance floor, he was there a few days before the event as the whole site was on a security lockdown. It must have gone well as we have been back there for another dance floor also!

Church Wedding or Civil Service? Probably a civil service, I would have to ask the prospective bride though.

Best and worst thing about weddings in your opinion? Best would be the smiling faces and knowing that we help people to have a great time. The worst for us would be the long and unsociable hours, we are always out and about at the weekends at silly o-clock delivering and collecting kit.

What do you LOVE in life? Loads of things, I love my job, I love the fact that my hobby is my ‘proper job’ and that we get to go out and do some really cool jobs. I should also mention my friends and family and of course, Claire my girlfriend who helps me with many things Premier related.

One sentence to describe¬†Premier and what you do…..¬†At Premier we supply pretty much anything that you could need to enhance your venue from an audio, visual and production point of view.

Thank you so much Ben! It’s great to get people’s thoughts¬†and feelings about the wedding industry from people who are in it, day-to-day, as they really do help clients plan and imagine what their big day will be like.

The next Friday Friend really is one for the girls, brides, bridesmaids, mothers, anyone who really wants to glow on the big day, come back next week to find out how they can help.


Nicola¬† ūüôā x

Friday Friends :) The Talented Nigel Ord Smith Photography!

Today’s Friday Friends is someone who see’s wedding’s from a totally different perspective from most, as they get to see it behind a lens.¬†I am so happy that not only have they agreed to be a Friday Friend, but mainly because they can let you in on their¬†thoughts, and great tips when its comes to your wedding day.This can only be a great thing when planning or making wedding related decisions.

I can’t¬†speak¬†highly enough of them, they make¬†wedding’s a joy from start to finish and throw in a few jokes along the way (I can confirm,¬†I also have been subjected, I mean¬†had the pleasure of listening to these jokes on many occasions).¬†A quality guy, with a quality brand and a quality camera, which is a must, seeing as he is an amazing photographer!

So here’s to this week and the fantabulous Nigel Ord Smith……


I actually cannot remember exactly where and when I met Nigel, a passing meeting when at a local venue rings a bell. This obviously sounds a little rude and as if it’s insignificant, quite the opposite. The reason why I can’t remember exactly is because we have had so many more meetings, weddings, fayre’s, show’s, party’s and such like, my memory is swamped with all of them! Which is obviously a good thing.

The thing I love about Nigel other than his dry sense of humour, is that he is just fantastic at understanding what weddings are all about.¬†How each and every one should be as important as the last. You will never be a number with Nigel and that is just how it should be with wedding’s.

The other thing I¬†have learnt and really appreciate since knowing Nigel and other photographers in the industry, is that pictures aren’t just pictures, they are your wedding. The one reminder when the day is over and all your friends and family have gone home, when you are back from your honeymoon and the day is becoming a more distant memory, and when you have sent your thank you cards out, they will be the one thing you can turn to, to remind yourself of just how great a day, it truly was.

So Nigel, if you don’t already know, run’s Nigel Ord Smith Photography, he specialises in Weddings, Portraits, Boudoir¬†and now Dogs! That’s¬†the great thing about Nigel,¬†he doesn’t shoot and click,¬†he captures happiness and¬†beautiful moments for his clients, whether it’s a¬†bride and groom, a little fairy¬†or a scrumptious¬†bull-dog. (My references will make much more sense after you visit Nigel’s site, a must see. Nigel Ord Smith Photography

So far we have worked on a number of weddings together, have been partnering on some fantastic projects, including boudoir and styled shoots and have so much in the pipeline I want to squeal with excitement. He has become a wonderful friend and someone to know in the wedding world!

Nigel¬†will be at our Eve Lily Wedding Show in April showing off¬†his stunning work, as you can see by the picture below, whilst also telling jokes and running our fun photo booth, you¬†should come ready with a joke to do a¬†joke challenge on the night, I warn you, he has good material! ūüėČ


 Photography by Nigel Ord Smith Photography

Normally I would pick some of my favourite picture’s¬†for this part of the post, however, being Nigel’s line of work and so, so much more qualified to pick out some corker’s, I thought it only right to take his choices. And what choices they are, showing off a range of pictures, looks and moments that each wedding offers. Brilliant work Nigel, you should be in Photography! x


 Photography by Nigel Ord Smith Photography

I just love this picture below, the lighting is just to die for and makes the picture a stunner from start to finish. Beautiful dress aswell.


 Photography by Nigel Ord Smith Photography

If I can hijack¬†this post for one second (not that anyone will tell me off, it’s my post! he he) and give one tiny bit of advice. Do not scrimp when it come’s to a photographer, take your time, save your pennies, pick one who get’s what you want and who’s pictures show just how good they are. It will be one of the best decision’s you will look back on after the wedding is over, as I said before, it’s the one lasting memory for the rest of your life to cherish. No Money was transferred for that precious bit of advice, possibly a thanks from photographer’s, but no bribe’s, just my personal feelings after hearing many a sad story about horrendous pictures and the perfect time to voice.

As you can see from Nigel’s stunning¬†pictures, these are moments never to be re shot or captured again. That’s why photography is just fabulous.

Nigel, do you need an assistant? x



Photography by Nigel Ord Smith Photography

So, over to the very good friend of mine Nigel, to let you into the wedding world of a photographer. In his own words¬†and giving¬†some great advice and thoughts when it comes to weddings, plus some humour that¬†I just love!¬†‚̧

Ten words that best describe you and your business? Sssshh. I’m an assassin; I get paid to shoot people!

Tell us what you most enjoy about working in the world of Nigel Ord Smith Photography? The sheer variety of people who I get to meet and have the privilege of working with, whether I’m photographing for them, or whether they are some of lovely wedding related suppliers that I work with.

If you could plan a wedding anyway you would like, what would you do for the following? I’m going to turn this question around slightly, away from planning the whole wedding to the selfish considerations of a wedding photographer, and describe my ideal wedding!

The venue would be a combination of some of the lovely wedding venues that I work at – ¬†although I‚Äôm going to be diplomatic and not mention any names ‚Äď with, in no particular order of preference;


beautiful gardens that offer plenty of interesting areas including areas of soft, indirect light, ideally with a water feature and, of course, breathtaking views,


architecture with character, plenty of steps to gather the whole wedding party on and, later, for some time alone with the bride and groom,


lavish rooms inside, with plenty of natural light, and


a wonderfully attentive team who aren’t fazed when timings go a little astray as they do from time to time.

Add in a lovely fun-loving couple, relaxed family and friends, with some interesting and varied special touches for their day, plus a little bit of sunshine, and I have the best job in the world. I get to go to an all day long celebration of a couple in love, and I get paid for the privilege!

What do you think is the most important thing to consider and get right when planning a wedding? Again, I’ll look at this from a photography perspective and say getting the right photographer for you and your style.

You’ll find plenty of lists in magazines and online of what to look for when looking for your wedding photographer. Whilst many are valid considerations I personally think that there are two key ones; that you like the style of their photography and that you get on with them.

Most people want some natural, relaxed images on their wedding day and of all the suppliers that you deal with on your wedding day your photographer may well be the only one that is going to be there on the day with you, often for the majority of the day. You‚Äôre not going to be relaxed about your photographs if you‚Äôre thinking ‚Äėdamn, it‚Äôs the photographer again‚Äô.

So, make sure you gel and, ideally have the opportunity of a pre wedding portrait session to break the ice and get used to working together. And¬†when looking at photographers portfolios make sure that you‚Äôre seeing whole weddings and not just the¬†‚Äėgreatest hits‚Äô.

Do you have any advice that you can pass on to future bride and grooms about to get married? Have the best wedding photographer that your budget will allow as you wedding photographs will be the reminder of your big day for years and years to come and an heirloom to pass down to your children.

I‚Äôve been a guest at weddings where, to save money, the bride and groom have asked their ‚ÄėUncle Bob‚Äô to photograph their wedding as he‚Äôs got a good camera and he‚Äôs a member of the local camera club. He might have, and he might be, but I‚Äôve got a football and I‚Äôm not David Beckham!

What has been the most memorable client request you have worked on since you started Nigel Ord Smith Photography and why? Every wedding I photograph is memorable as it is such a special and unique day for that couple and their family and friends. And I’m delighted that many of my brides and grooms come back to me for photographs when they start a family and have children.

I also like to spend a good few hours photographing the bride’s shoes if I’m photographing bridal preparations. Well, that’s what I always tell the couple at an initial consultation. I arrived to photograph the bride getting ready for one wedding a few years ago and she had her entire shoe collection out and ready for me. I missed the ceremony by several days J.

Church Wedding or Civil Service?

Best and worst thing about weddings in your opinion? The best thing is being there to record the most exciting day of the bride and grooms life, and capturing the emotion of the day. As mentioned above, with the right wedding I get to go and work at an all day celebration, full of happy smiling faces all day long. What a dreadful job that is!!!

And one of the worst things is wondering how some guests, sometimes including the parents of the bride or groom, can enjoy their friend‚Äôs/daughter‚Äôs/son‚Äôs wedding when they seem to spend most of the day viewing it through a camera or a phone. If we‚Äôve already been paid to photograph the wedding¬†why don‚Äôt they kick back, relax and enjoy the day. They don‚Äôt take their own sandwiches to supplement the catering do they? Well, not that I‚Äôve noticed…

What do you LOVE in life? Laughter!¬†And the odd joke or two…

One sentence to describe¬†Nigel Ord Smith Photography¬†and what you do….. Professional, friendly, photographer, with an ability to put people at ease in front of the camera.

Thank you so much Nigel! A fun and interesting read at the same time. Looking forward to you photographing our guests at the Eve Lily Wedding Show in a couple of weeks time.

You will have to pop back next week to see¬†who our¬†Friday Friend is going to be as it’s a secret! Well for now ūüôā


Nicola¬† ūüôā x

Friday Friends :) The ‘Beautiful’ Bettie Lottie Make Up!

So we skipped last friday’s Friday Friend’s with it being Good Friday and all. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break and are¬†back ready for more wedding loveliness!

So today’s Friday Friends is someone who I really admire when it comes to their talent and enthusiasm. Not only are they super talented when it comes to making people look their best, she is also a mutual creative, someone who loves to explore and push themselves when it comes to what they are capable of.

I can’t recommend them highly enough when you need her service as they are certainly one of Leicestershire’s finest Make Up Artists with a lovely personality to match.

So here’s to this week and the lovely Beth Lacey from……


Where do I start really, that’s what I am struggling with on today’s post. Beth is someone who again I am lucky to have been able to count¬†as one of my good¬†friends¬†in the wedding industry. We didn’t meet straight away and so missed out on more creative projects that we no doubt would have done together before now. (Probably not a bad thing as we just keep finding more work for ourselves).

The thing I love about Beth and Bettie Lottie Make Up is that she loves her business, just as I love my own. This is of great importance when it comes to the wedding industry as it really shows through in her work and attitude to weddings.

I met Beth at a networking event, just as she was walking out the door, I suppose you could imagine me with a long shepherds hook pulling her back through the door so we could speak. I was looking for a talented make up artist to be involved in future shows and photo shoots that I had planned. The problem is, there aren’t many ‘great’ make up artists out there so HOW lucky was I to have that chance meeting (okay, it was a networking event so not much chance about it, but we could have missed each other had I¬†not seized¬†the opportunity. Something I am very glad about to this day!)

So Beth has set up her lovely Bettie Lottie Make Up business and so far we have worked on a few weddings together, plus we have been knee-deep in creativity of late, including some great photo shoots, with more to come. Beth with be at our Eve Lily Wedding Show in April showing off her beautiful work on our models, you must come and see her work! Here is Beth and our stunning models in action at one of our previous shows! 


Photography by SMD Photography

I have also been very lucky as Beth did my make up for Eve Lily 3rd Birthday Party aswell as my recent photo shoot which had an Audrey Hepburn theme! She truly is a beautiful and fun person, creating beautiful make up for lovely brides and their family’s. I loved being glammed up by her magic make up brush! x


Photography by Steve Walton Photography

One of my favourite pictures from our recent photo shoot, Enchanted Forest. I just love the look Beth created, what was great about it, was upon explaining what I was hoping to achieve Beth knew straight away and this was the result! The feeling of being on the same page is just fantastic as it makes our work so much more achievable. As any bride to be I would imagine this being of utmost importance, feeling comfortable and at ease on the most important day of your life.

120919 EL-346

 Photography by Nigel Ord Smith Photography

Here is another favourite of mine which shows off Beth’s creativity even more, the eye make up was to die for and in the light we were lucky to get it just made the shoot come alive. A great day for us all at work x

120919 EL-319

Photography by Nigel Ord Smith Photography

So here’s Beth to let you into her thoughts about the wonderful world of weddings a little more and in her own words, take it away Beth¬†‚̧

Ten words that best describe you and your business? Friendly, Professional, Fun, Quality, Approachable, Specialist, Listens, Generous, Flexible, Calming.

Tell us what you most enjoy about working in the world of Bettie Lottie? The fact that I get to be part of a brides special morning making her feel so pampered and beautiful. The best feeling in the world on one of the best day of your life, and I help make that happen. What a privilege and I never take it for granted.

If you could plan a wedding anyway you would like, what would you do for the following? As I’m actually planning my own wedding at the moment I don’t want to give too much away, however…….¬†

– Type of venue. Relaxed /Informal (although as a child I use to tell my mum I wanted to get married at Hampton Court Palace – very low-key!)

РColour scheme and theme or style. No clue! Too many ideas. I blame pintrest! Although I would like a lemon colour to be present as this is my favourite and very Springlike for March time. I need to book an appointment with Eve Lily. 

– Styling for bride and groom. Groom – 3 Piece suit. No top hat and tales. Think Ryan Reynolds/ Hugh Jackman, yummy!!!!! Bride – I’m really loving the more hippy look at the moment. Dresses that aren’t so structured with loose curls in the hair and flowers. Oh and I used to be anti Veil until I tried one on. I felt complete as a bride. I now love them!

– Entertainment. If money were no object I would have live music all day. Different types. Acoustic Guitar at ceremony, Samba band at drinks reception, Relaxing background music through wedding breakfast, 70’s soul and funk band to start the evening then requests all night. Also games! We’ve always been a games family.

– Special touches. Make it personal!

What do you think is the most important thing to consider and get right when planning a wedding? Someone once told me spend the money on the things you will keep – Your Rings, Your Photographs, Your other half!!! Also, make sure that you are doing things for yourself and not just to please everyone else (I will re read this 12 months time and laugh. Always good at dishing out the advice…..) With regard to make up, be true to yourself. Your wedding day is not the day to be trying out that bright green eyeshadow with blue lips you saw in a magazine. Classic always wins and never dates. You don’t want your groom to turn around and see you walking down the aisle wondering who the hell you are! Also if you are spending all this money on a fabulous dress, accessories, photographer and flowers, please invest in a good make up artist and hairdresser, it honestly is the icing on the cake and brings the look all together.¬†

Do you have any advice that you can pass on to future bride and grooms about to get married? At the end of the day the main event is you and your partner looking into each others eyes and saying your¬†vows. Don’t lose sight of this and start sweating the small stuff, especially on the morning of the wedding. If it hasn’t been done by then, then it wasn’t that important, so just sit back and enjoy the rest of your planning coming together.¬†

What has been the most memorable client request you have worked on since you started¬†Bettie Lottie¬†and why? I haven’t really had any odd requests but very memorable clients for many different reasons.

Church Wedding or Civil Service? Well I’m getting married in a deconsecrated church so I’m pretty much covered!!! But what ever feels right for you and your beliefs.¬†

Best and worst thing about weddings in your opinion? Worst – family politics. Best – Being surrounded by your nearest and dearest who are all there for you.

What do you LOVE in life? My friends and family, They are the bestest! Seafood and Porn Star Martinis are also up there. 

One sentence to describe¬†Bettie Lottie¬†and what you do…..¬†I am a professional friendly make up artist specialising in making you feel beautiful and at your best on one of the most important days of your life.

Thank you so much Beth! What a great read, as Beth mentioned, she is herself getting married so it’s great to get her perspective as a future bride aswell as a successful wedding business owner. Wishing lots of love for the up and coming wedding xx

Next week we have a very special Friday Friend that we are just loving working with aswell as listening to their dry sense of humour jokes. I may even get them to tell one of their favourites!


Nicola¬† ūüôā x

Friday Friends :) Shearsby Bath Beauty!

With our first Friday Friend feature under our belt it’s only right to carry on with the new tradition of showcasing some of our wonderful wedding friends. As you know I decided to make this a weekly feature, it’s a fun way of getting to know¬†my friends and suppliers that¬†I can highly recommend, as they are some of the best in Leicestershire.¬†

My next friday friend to introduce is a beautiful wedding venue that is so well-known in Leicester that it probably doesn’t need much of an introduction. Today’s post on Friday Friends is the¬†beautiful wedding venue and it’s lovely wedding and events manager, Rachel!….


One of my fondest, first memories about the wedding industry and people I have managed to meet along the way, was when I met Rachel at Shearsby Bath. After launching Eve Lily¬†I decided¬†I really needed to have some sort of launch/showcase so people got to hear about all about us. After an initial contact phone call i went on my merry way to Shearsby to see if I could host it there, as most people know, planning an event of any kind is a big deal. I was in the hands of a venue¬†I didn’t know and so wasn’t sure if they would allow me the scope to make it a launch I wanted.¬†


Photography by SMD Photography

Well, that’s was of course until I met Rachel and the Shearsby Bath team.


Photography by SMD Photography

We since went on to host our annual wedding show each year at the venue. The Eve Lily Wedding Show is always a fun event for both guest and suppliers and we are so lucky to have some of Leicestershire’s best wedding suppliers on involved.

700-7352 700-7368 700-7404 700-7602

Photography by SMD Photography


Here’s some photo booth fun at our one of our previous wedding shows! A must see. Slide show courtesy of SMD Photography and music by the fab Paul Martyn.


Brides (and some grooms) You may want to have a listen to the wonderful Mango Acoustic whilst watching our beautiful models strut on the catwalk. Slide show courtesy of SMD Photography.


We are so very pleased to announce that we are due to hold our wedding show again this year on Thursday 25th April 2013, this is going to be another great event. With it being an evening show it is sure to have some exciting elements for you to all enjoy. Please email me to register your interest for attendance. nicolamason@evelily.co.uk

Then without much persuading, we styled our first photo shoot in the beautiful grounds, many of those pictures are featured in their wedding brochure.



Photography by SMD Photography

Shearsby is set in the middle of the countryside and the views are just so pretty. The venue is a must see and is flexile in how it can be used, making it a great place to get married. We have had many client weddings at the venue, which is great to work alongside a lovely team!



Photography by SMD Photography

Rachel has such a great approach to anything wedding related and was on board straight away and excited about what I was looking to do, which couldnt of made me happier, as it gave me the chance to start the way I wanted to carry on. Being a young and lovely character, Rachel is very passionate about weddings and all things related. You can be sure that the enthusiasm flows through for each and every wedding to make sure that every client has the wedding they want.

Photography by SMD Photography

So in asking Rachel to answer some of our Friday Friend questions it means we can all get to know her and Shearsby just that bit better! Over to Rachel….. ‚̧

Ten words that best describe you and your business? Unique, family run venue, extremely passionate about what we do.

Tell us what you most enjoy about working in the world of Shearsby Bath? Meeting so many fantastic people, helping them put their thoughts and ideas together to make their perfect day, then sharing it with them. Seeing people smile when they see everything come together after months of planning is definitely a highlight of the job!

If you could plan a wedding anyway you would like, what would you do for the following?

– Type of venue. Somewhere that was set in the middle of the countryside with landscaped grounds for great photographs and a building with a good mix of contemporary and rustic features, with maybe a grand marquee…..oh wait- I think I know the perfect place!

– Colour scheme and theme or style. Simple and elegant, ivory colour and lace touches with maybe just a pop of another colour.

– Styling for bride and groom. Something to show the bride and grooms personalities is always good. At the moment I love the look of stone ¬†grey or dark blue tailored suits with a skinny tie and crisp white shirt for the groom. For the bride I currently really like a 1920’s style dress with maybe a jewelled headpiece. My choices often change every time we have a wedding and I see the gorgeous outfits the couples have selected!

– Entertainment. Great DJ and a good band of choice if budget allows it. If it was my wedding, I’d go for a swing band!

– Special touches. Just little things to make it personal to the couple. Photos, personalised stationery etc, etc.

What do you think is the most important thing to consider and get right when planning a wedding? Suppliers. Look around for perfect suppliers, be it your venue, caterer, photographer,florist or entertainer there are so many great suppliers that can make your ideas a reality. Whilst price and sticking within your budget is a massive factor to consider when booking everything that makes up your wedding day, it is not always the case that the cheapest option is the best option. Do your homework and find suppliers that are on your wave length and understand what you want to achieve for your day, and always read a few testimonials to ensure from past couples that the company says what it does on the tin!

Do you have any advice that you can pass on to future bride and grooms about to get married? Two bits of advice really.

1) ¬†It’s your day and it should be unique and personal to you both, try to keep that in mind during the planning process. When your neighbours sisters best friend doesn’t think you should go for that type of floral arrangement because she doesn’t like Hydrangea’s, remember that you love hydrangea’s and that’s why you picked the arrangement in the first place!

2) If there is an opportunity for you to be alone together for 5 minutes on your wedding day, take it. Time alone is such a rarity on your wedding day and I always think its nice for couples to just take a couple of minutes for themselves and let that happy married feeling start to sink in ūüôā¬†


What has been the most memorable client request you have worked on since you started Shearsby Bath and why? The most memorable client request would probably be the entire wedding that I first worked on six years ago, because it was my first of many at Shearsby Bath.

Church Wedding or Civil Service? That would have to be a civil service – we have a beautiful room at Shearsby Bath where our civil ceremonies are conducted. It’s got gorgeous old oak beams and we fill it with candles to make it extremely romantic and a perfect setting for a civil ceremony.

Best and worst thing about weddings in your opinion? Best: would have to be getting everyone together that you know and love and letting them share in such a special moment. It can be a very rare moment in time when all your friends and family are under one roof, so relish the moment! Worst: When the day comes to an end! 

What do you LOVE in life? Theatre, good food and wine, but most importantly i love spending time with my fantastic family and friends and my gorgeous cocker spaniel Bailey.

One sentence to describe Shearsby Bath and what you do…..¬†¬†Shearsby Bath – The perfect venue for your special occasion.

Another fantastic Friday Friend will be unveiled next week so pop back and have a read!

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Friday Friends :) Tickled Pink Time!

Here’s a big ching, ching to our first Friday¬†Friends¬†feature. I decided to¬†make this a weekly feature¬†as its a fun way of getting to know¬†my friends and suppliers that¬†I can highly recommend as they are some of the best in Leicestershire.¬†I genuinly love meeting¬†new suppliers that I can get to know and hopefully get to class them as friends in the future. Well its a new feature that requires a bit¬†of old school friends to get us started, I decided that I really have to¬†introduce you to one of my very first suppliers that¬†I met a few¬†years ago and loved what they were about from day one.

My first post on Friday Friends is the lovely company that is……


I am lucky to have been able to count Nikki as one of my loveliest friends from the start of my adventure in the wedding industry. We met at my first wedding fayre and struck up a friendship from day one, our love of weddings, creativity, positivity as well as wine have all helped in keeping this lovely friendship going over the years.

Nikki and Tom have been running TP for 7 years. Nikki has been a  stationery designer since graduating from a design degree and Tom is a meticulous maker who packed in his job and joined TP in its 4th year to help Nikki with her growing business. Nikki and Tom are a married couple team, and are truly, lovely people.


Photography Copyright Tickled Pink

I love the textured, colourful, fun designs that Tickled Pink offer,¬†Nikki’s personality really shows through¬†in¬†her designs. A business that you can rely on to supply you with wonderful wedding stationery for your special day.


Photography Copyright Tickled Pink

Here are just a few of their fun and quirky designs that couples just love.


Photography Copyright Tickled Pink

The passport design is a fav and a best seller!


Photography Copyright Tickled Pink

We love working with tickled pink and were very lucky to have some of their beautiful bunting stationery, styled in one of our previous photo shoots. It was super cute and helped us achieve a perfect finish to the country garden style. What do you think?


Photography by SMD Photography

So here’s a little more about Nikki & Tom and Tickled Pink in their own words, enjoy ‚̧

Ten words that best describe you and your business? A fun, happy world where work is a fab place.

Tell us what you most enjoy about working in the world of Tickled Pink? For Nikki it‚Äôs freedom to make the designs we like for lovely couples who like our style, when Tom was asked he said ‚Äėfreedom‚Äô too, but freedom from stuffy jobs with stuffy rules and freedom to sit in the studio singing his heart out to music played on BBC6 records. And in this job Tom feels like he‚Äôs creating something worthwhile that other people will love, a sense he never had in a job before.

If you could plan a wedding anyway you would like, what would you do for the following?

РType of venue. Somewhere quirky, Tom and I run TP together, but we are also married, our venue was tatty and forgotten, a council property that had been a hotel, but beneath the tarnish you could see a stunning building. It’s been renovated now and it’s gorgeous (City Rooms, Leics), so if I were marrying again, I’d still want somewhere with a story, it would never be a faceless, corporate hotel.

РColour scheme and theme or style.That would change every week,! It’s hard creating stationery sometimes  for a couple who aren’t marrying for 18 months as If it were me, my palette would have developed, moved on so much in that time. I love colour and lots of it, I shall never be a sophisticated Dame, so fun, jolly, colourful would be my day. When we married, white didn’t feel right- I felt too old and travelled, so our Christmas wedding was plums n aubergines n cerises. I love the bright cheery pompoms around at the mo in many colours. If it were tomorrow, my new wedding, I’d have heaps, with a fab bouquet of cheery colours.

РStyling for bride and groom. Tom was quite trad dressed, now I reckon he’d  be quirkier, he just mentioned a velvet smoking jacket or brocade, now after working in TP world, he wouldn’t boring, he’d have fun and for  Nikki, well actually I wouldn’t change much from what I did have, sari fabric n gold bling. I do love lots of lace, but I am not built for subtle n feminine!

РEntertainment. Sing-along, every wedding we’ve been to in the last few years, the best have been where everyone is on the dance floor ALL EVENING, so cheese n sing-alongs. No point being cool and sophis if no one goes on the dance floor, so I’d have happy and loud!

РSpecial touches. I’d still want my love for travel, our wedding had lots of Bunting from Mexico that I bought with one of my Best Women when we escaped a business trip to New York and visited Mexico, it’s still up in our studio, big, cheery, white, lacy paper cut work.

What do you think is the most important thing to consider and get right when planning a wedding? Budget, I still don’t see the point in spending money equivalent to 10yrs of mortgage or a fab car, on one day. We did ours on a tight budget and had a memorable day. We made  lots of things, our friends did too, we had Sausage and mash and Malaysian and Thai curries from our fave  local curryhouse, and friends still mention it now in a happy, memorable way. We spent it on what mattered with family and friends. The day is really about committing yourself to another person, it’s not about show and expense. It should be about having people that matter with you, sharing a very special moment.

Do you have any advice that you can pass on to future bride and grooms about to get married? Have a lovely day, but don’t waste time and money on things you won’t remember in 5 years or 10years time.

What has been the most memorable client request you have worked on since you started Tickled Pink and why? It‚Äôs the relationships that I loved ¬†creating with clients most. Brides who have come along and made me laugh and then rise to the challenge of creating their vision for their stationery, helping them through their stresses with their ‚Äėreal-world‚Äô lives in a way where ordering their paper products hasn‚Äôt been a chore, but a laugh. I can spend 2 years with a couple, building up to their big day, so we get chatting and making friendships.

Church Wedding or Civil Service? I love churches, they are GORGEOUS buildings, architecture, colourful windows and amazing craftsmanship are what I love, but Civil all the way for me when it comes to my wedding.

Best and worst thing about weddings in your opinion? A wedding is personal, it should be meaningful for the couple. But I will never understand Couples dressing as their favourite Disney character. They aren’t 8 years old but grownups with the real world ahead of them with its highs n lows. But the best things about weddings for me- seeing cracking photos that capture special moments. A moment in time preserved forever, that stunning smile or tear.

What do you LOVE in life? Our kids. I adore my life, my design career, happy couples who are cheered that we’ve added a little something to their day, but as much as I love my husband- he’s a fab man, but what we created and are moulding together in making kids, well nothing can ever match how they make me smile with their laughs, silliness, trumps and developing personalities. Nothing can ever match that.

One sentence to describe tickled pink and what you do….. To make pretty papery things that make couples happy, share their day with their family n friends and make us smile


Next week we have a fantastic Friday Friend that we can’t shout about loudly enough, they are just fantastic!

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