Friday Friends :) The Talented Nigel Ord Smith Photography!

Today’s Friday Friends is someone who see’s wedding’s from a totally different perspective from most, as they get to see it behind a lens. I am so happy that not only have they agreed to be a Friday Friend, but mainly because they can let you in on their thoughts, and great tips when its comes to your wedding day.This can only be a great thing when planning or making wedding related decisions.

I can’t speak highly enough of them, they make wedding’s a joy from start to finish and throw in a few jokes along the way (I can confirm, I also have been subjected, I mean had the pleasure of listening to these jokes on many occasions). A quality guy, with a quality brand and a quality camera, which is a must, seeing as he is an amazing photographer!

So here’s to this week and the fantabulous Nigel Ord Smith……


I actually cannot remember exactly where and when I met Nigel, a passing meeting when at a local venue rings a bell. This obviously sounds a little rude and as if it’s insignificant, quite the opposite. The reason why I can’t remember exactly is because we have had so many more meetings, weddings, fayre’s, show’s, party’s and such like, my memory is swamped with all of them! Which is obviously a good thing.

The thing I love about Nigel other than his dry sense of humour, is that he is just fantastic at understanding what weddings are all about. How each and every one should be as important as the last. You will never be a number with Nigel and that is just how it should be with wedding’s.

The other thing I have learnt and really appreciate since knowing Nigel and other photographers in the industry, is that pictures aren’t just pictures, they are your wedding. The one reminder when the day is over and all your friends and family have gone home, when you are back from your honeymoon and the day is becoming a more distant memory, and when you have sent your thank you cards out, they will be the one thing you can turn to, to remind yourself of just how great a day, it truly was.

So Nigel, if you don’t already know, run’s Nigel Ord Smith Photography, he specialises in Weddings, Portraits, Boudoir and now Dogs! That’s the great thing about Nigel, he doesn’t shoot and click, he captures happiness and beautiful moments for his clients, whether it’s a bride and groom, a little fairy or a scrumptious bull-dog. (My references will make much more sense after you visit Nigel’s site, a must see. Nigel Ord Smith Photography

So far we have worked on a number of weddings together, have been partnering on some fantastic projects, including boudoir and styled shoots and have so much in the pipeline I want to squeal with excitement. He has become a wonderful friend and someone to know in the wedding world!

Nigel will be at our Eve Lily Wedding Show in April showing off his stunning work, as you can see by the picture below, whilst also telling jokes and running our fun photo booth, you should come ready with a joke to do a joke challenge on the night, I warn you, he has good material! 😉


 Photography by Nigel Ord Smith Photography

Normally I would pick some of my favourite picture’s for this part of the post, however, being Nigel’s line of work and so, so much more qualified to pick out some corker’s, I thought it only right to take his choices. And what choices they are, showing off a range of pictures, looks and moments that each wedding offers. Brilliant work Nigel, you should be in Photography! x


 Photography by Nigel Ord Smith Photography

I just love this picture below, the lighting is just to die for and makes the picture a stunner from start to finish. Beautiful dress aswell.


 Photography by Nigel Ord Smith Photography

If I can hijack this post for one second (not that anyone will tell me off, it’s my post! he he) and give one tiny bit of advice. Do not scrimp when it come’s to a photographer, take your time, save your pennies, pick one who get’s what you want and who’s pictures show just how good they are. It will be one of the best decision’s you will look back on after the wedding is over, as I said before, it’s the one lasting memory for the rest of your life to cherish. No Money was transferred for that precious bit of advice, possibly a thanks from photographer’s, but no bribe’s, just my personal feelings after hearing many a sad story about horrendous pictures and the perfect time to voice.

As you can see from Nigel’s stunning pictures, these are moments never to be re shot or captured again. That’s why photography is just fabulous.

Nigel, do you need an assistant? x



Photography by Nigel Ord Smith Photography

So, over to the very good friend of mine Nigel, to let you into the wedding world of a photographer. In his own words and giving some great advice and thoughts when it comes to weddings, plus some humour that I just love! ❤

Ten words that best describe you and your business? Sssshh. I’m an assassin; I get paid to shoot people!

Tell us what you most enjoy about working in the world of Nigel Ord Smith Photography? The sheer variety of people who I get to meet and have the privilege of working with, whether I’m photographing for them, or whether they are some of lovely wedding related suppliers that I work with.

If you could plan a wedding anyway you would like, what would you do for the following? I’m going to turn this question around slightly, away from planning the whole wedding to the selfish considerations of a wedding photographer, and describe my ideal wedding!

The venue would be a combination of some of the lovely wedding venues that I work at –  although I’m going to be diplomatic and not mention any names – with, in no particular order of preference;

beautiful gardens that offer plenty of interesting areas including areas of soft, indirect light, ideally with a water feature and, of course, breathtaking views,

architecture with character, plenty of steps to gather the whole wedding party on and, later, for some time alone with the bride and groom,

lavish rooms inside, with plenty of natural light, and

a wonderfully attentive team who aren’t fazed when timings go a little astray as they do from time to time.

Add in a lovely fun-loving couple, relaxed family and friends, with some interesting and varied special touches for their day, plus a little bit of sunshine, and I have the best job in the world. I get to go to an all day long celebration of a couple in love, and I get paid for the privilege!

What do you think is the most important thing to consider and get right when planning a wedding? Again, I’ll look at this from a photography perspective and say getting the right photographer for you and your style.

You’ll find plenty of lists in magazines and online of what to look for when looking for your wedding photographer. Whilst many are valid considerations I personally think that there are two key ones; that you like the style of their photography and that you get on with them.

Most people want some natural, relaxed images on their wedding day and of all the suppliers that you deal with on your wedding day your photographer may well be the only one that is going to be there on the day with you, often for the majority of the day. You’re not going to be relaxed about your photographs if you’re thinking ‘damn, it’s the photographer again’.

So, make sure you gel and, ideally have the opportunity of a pre wedding portrait session to break the ice and get used to working together. And when looking at photographers portfolios make sure that you’re seeing whole weddings and not just the ‘greatest hits’.

Do you have any advice that you can pass on to future bride and grooms about to get married? Have the best wedding photographer that your budget will allow as you wedding photographs will be the reminder of your big day for years and years to come and an heirloom to pass down to your children.

I’ve been a guest at weddings where, to save money, the bride and groom have asked their ‘Uncle Bob’ to photograph their wedding as he’s got a good camera and he’s a member of the local camera club. He might have, and he might be, but I’ve got a football and I’m not David Beckham!

What has been the most memorable client request you have worked on since you started Nigel Ord Smith Photography and why? Every wedding I photograph is memorable as it is such a special and unique day for that couple and their family and friends. And I’m delighted that many of my brides and grooms come back to me for photographs when they start a family and have children.

I also like to spend a good few hours photographing the bride’s shoes if I’m photographing bridal preparations. Well, that’s what I always tell the couple at an initial consultation. I arrived to photograph the bride getting ready for one wedding a few years ago and she had her entire shoe collection out and ready for me. I missed the ceremony by several days J.

Church Wedding or Civil Service?

Best and worst thing about weddings in your opinion? The best thing is being there to record the most exciting day of the bride and grooms life, and capturing the emotion of the day. As mentioned above, with the right wedding I get to go and work at an all day celebration, full of happy smiling faces all day long. What a dreadful job that is!!!

And one of the worst things is wondering how some guests, sometimes including the parents of the bride or groom, can enjoy their friend’s/daughter’s/son’s wedding when they seem to spend most of the day viewing it through a camera or a phone. If we’ve already been paid to photograph the wedding why don’t they kick back, relax and enjoy the day. They don’t take their own sandwiches to supplement the catering do they? Well, not that I’ve noticed…

What do you LOVE in life? Laughter! And the odd joke or two…

One sentence to describe Nigel Ord Smith Photography and what you do….. Professional, friendly, photographer, with an ability to put people at ease in front of the camera.

Thank you so much Nigel! A fun and interesting read at the same time. Looking forward to you photographing our guests at the Eve Lily Wedding Show in a couple of weeks time.

You will have to pop back next week to see who our Friday Friend is going to be as it’s a secret! Well for now 🙂


Nicola  🙂 x

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