Friday Friends :) Tickled Pink Time!

Here’s a big ching, ching to our first Friday Friends feature. I decided to make this a weekly feature as its a fun way of getting to know my friends and suppliers that I can highly recommend as they are some of the best in Leicestershire. I genuinly love meeting new suppliers that I can get to know and hopefully get to class them as friends in the future. Well its a new feature that requires a bit of old school friends to get us started, I decided that I really have to introduce you to one of my very first suppliers that I met a few years ago and loved what they were about from day one.

My first post on Friday Friends is the lovely company that is……


I am lucky to have been able to count Nikki as one of my loveliest friends from the start of my adventure in the wedding industry. We met at my first wedding fayre and struck up a friendship from day one, our love of weddings, creativity, positivity as well as wine have all helped in keeping this lovely friendship going over the years.

Nikki and Tom have been running TP for 7 years. Nikki has been a  stationery designer since graduating from a design degree and Tom is a meticulous maker who packed in his job and joined TP in its 4th year to help Nikki with her growing business. Nikki and Tom are a married couple team, and are truly, lovely people.


Photography Copyright Tickled Pink

I love the textured, colourful, fun designs that Tickled Pink offer, Nikki’s personality really shows through in her designs. A business that you can rely on to supply you with wonderful wedding stationery for your special day.


Photography Copyright Tickled Pink

Here are just a few of their fun and quirky designs that couples just love.


Photography Copyright Tickled Pink

The passport design is a fav and a best seller!


Photography Copyright Tickled Pink

We love working with tickled pink and were very lucky to have some of their beautiful bunting stationery, styled in one of our previous photo shoots. It was super cute and helped us achieve a perfect finish to the country garden style. What do you think?


Photography by SMD Photography

So here’s a little more about Nikki & Tom and Tickled Pink in their own words, enjoy ❤

Ten words that best describe you and your business? A fun, happy world where work is a fab place.

Tell us what you most enjoy about working in the world of Tickled Pink? For Nikki it’s freedom to make the designs we like for lovely couples who like our style, when Tom was asked he said ‘freedom’ too, but freedom from stuffy jobs with stuffy rules and freedom to sit in the studio singing his heart out to music played on BBC6 records. And in this job Tom feels like he’s creating something worthwhile that other people will love, a sense he never had in a job before.

If you could plan a wedding anyway you would like, what would you do for the following?

– Type of venue. Somewhere quirky, Tom and I run TP together, but we are also married, our venue was tatty and forgotten, a council property that had been a hotel, but beneath the tarnish you could see a stunning building. It’s been renovated now and it’s gorgeous (City Rooms, Leics), so if I were marrying again, I’d still want somewhere with a story, it would never be a faceless, corporate hotel.

– Colour scheme and theme or style.That would change every week,! It’s hard creating stationery sometimes  for a couple who aren’t marrying for 18 months as If it were me, my palette would have developed, moved on so much in that time. I love colour and lots of it, I shall never be a sophisticated Dame, so fun, jolly, colourful would be my day. When we married, white didn’t feel right- I felt too old and travelled, so our Christmas wedding was plums n aubergines n cerises. I love the bright cheery pompoms around at the mo in many colours. If it were tomorrow, my new wedding, I’d have heaps, with a fab bouquet of cheery colours.

– Styling for bride and groom. Tom was quite trad dressed, now I reckon he’d  be quirkier, he just mentioned a velvet smoking jacket or brocade, now after working in TP world, he wouldn’t boring, he’d have fun and for  Nikki, well actually I wouldn’t change much from what I did have, sari fabric n gold bling. I do love lots of lace, but I am not built for subtle n feminine!

– Entertainment. Sing-along, every wedding we’ve been to in the last few years, the best have been where everyone is on the dance floor ALL EVENING, so cheese n sing-alongs. No point being cool and sophis if no one goes on the dance floor, so I’d have happy and loud!

– Special touches. I’d still want my love for travel, our wedding had lots of Bunting from Mexico that I bought with one of my Best Women when we escaped a business trip to New York and visited Mexico, it’s still up in our studio, big, cheery, white, lacy paper cut work.

What do you think is the most important thing to consider and get right when planning a wedding? Budget, I still don’t see the point in spending money equivalent to 10yrs of mortgage or a fab car, on one day. We did ours on a tight budget and had a memorable day. We made  lots of things, our friends did too, we had Sausage and mash and Malaysian and Thai curries from our fave  local curryhouse, and friends still mention it now in a happy, memorable way. We spent it on what mattered with family and friends. The day is really about committing yourself to another person, it’s not about show and expense. It should be about having people that matter with you, sharing a very special moment.

Do you have any advice that you can pass on to future bride and grooms about to get married? Have a lovely day, but don’t waste time and money on things you won’t remember in 5 years or 10years time.

What has been the most memorable client request you have worked on since you started Tickled Pink and why? It’s the relationships that I loved  creating with clients most. Brides who have come along and made me laugh and then rise to the challenge of creating their vision for their stationery, helping them through their stresses with their ‘real-world’ lives in a way where ordering their paper products hasn’t been a chore, but a laugh. I can spend 2 years with a couple, building up to their big day, so we get chatting and making friendships.

Church Wedding or Civil Service? I love churches, they are GORGEOUS buildings, architecture, colourful windows and amazing craftsmanship are what I love, but Civil all the way for me when it comes to my wedding.

Best and worst thing about weddings in your opinion? A wedding is personal, it should be meaningful for the couple. But I will never understand Couples dressing as their favourite Disney character. They aren’t 8 years old but grownups with the real world ahead of them with its highs n lows. But the best things about weddings for me- seeing cracking photos that capture special moments. A moment in time preserved forever, that stunning smile or tear.

What do you LOVE in life? Our kids. I adore my life, my design career, happy couples who are cheered that we’ve added a little something to their day, but as much as I love my husband- he’s a fab man, but what we created and are moulding together in making kids, well nothing can ever match how they make me smile with their laughs, silliness, trumps and developing personalities. Nothing can ever match that.

One sentence to describe tickled pink and what you do….. To make pretty papery things that make couples happy, share their day with their family n friends and make us smile


Next week we have a fantastic Friday Friend that we can’t shout about loudly enough, they are just fantastic!

Lots of friendly love

Nicola  🙂 x

3 thoughts on “Friday Friends :) Tickled Pink Time!

  1. I have the buiggest lump in my throat Nic Mason, you lovely, lovely lady and gorgeous, cheekboned friend 🙂
    I just saw EveLily in my Facebook newsfeed and as always was nosey, wasn’t expecting to read about us!
    hugest hugs ❤

  2. Ah Nik! Its all honest and true so no need to thank me…. i love my new friday friends features as i get to shout to the wedding world about some fabulous people! 🙂 x

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